1. Robert

    Those are both adorable ornaments but I would have to say the heart shaped one is my favorite, simply because of its shape and the larger paw prints on it. Plus our departed pets are really the same as a departed human family member.

    It is amazing that the dog named, Buster, used is the same name of my friends dog, and the breed looks to be the same but with more of a brownish color.

    These are great little treasured momentos and I like that you can get a personalized poem on the back. I can see these be very popular with people who have lost their pets. Fortunately that has not happened to me yet. Thanks for the post.

    • Laura

      Hi Robert,
      I agree with you, our pets are really the same as a departed human family members. The heart shape is also my favorite, I love hearts.
      Thanks for looking

  2. Tracy

    What a great idea, we have an older dog and it is going to be sad once he’s gone. My daughters have grown up with him and it will be nice to have something to remember him by. I will be recommending this post to my family who are all very pet friendly. You could even use for any type of pet.
    Tracy 🙂

    • Laura

      Hi Tracy,
      Yes, you can use urns for any type of pet. Thank you referring my website. If you have any questions please let me know

  3. Laura,

    These are absolutely wonderful!

    I love personalized Christmas ornaments to begin with, and these are so special as a memorial of your beloved pet.

    I also prefer the heart, but that’s simply because I love heart shaped objects! But they are both elegant and tasteful.

    And as you point out, it can be displayed in your home all year round.

    What a great way to remember your loved one.


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