1. Very nice site and I never knew they made biodegradable urns for small dogs. I have a very close friend of mine who lost their dog in August due to health issues and old age. Was a very sad time, but they have the ashes of her in some special urn though I’m fairly certain it isn’t biodegradable because they keep it in the house.

  2. Both the biodegradable pet urn and the pet memorial tree are very humane ways to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. The kit includes pretty much everything that is needed in such situation. Great article.

  3. Great informative website. I too had a beloved pet that I still have her ashes in the cremation box because my wife and I were thinking about buying her an urn. This a wonderful idea to carry on her beautiful personality, and to remember her by. I definitely think this is something I will invest in personally!

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