1. Great site, I had no idea this was even a market. As an owner of a small dog and my family’s first pet I can only imagine what the heartache will be when our little one passes on. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. For me, this is the right thing to do. They are a part of the family so they must also be treated that way, to be remembered forever. Thanks a lot for sharing this great article.

  3. Hi Laura,

    It’s pretty awesome that you’ve created this website – many people who love their pets may not even be aware of the things you present here.

    I wasn’t aware of these things until my wife’s mothers dog passed away. She had him cremated and the ashes are stored in a beautiful red cedar box, with a plaque on it, on top of her entertainment unit.
    Since then she has followed with two cats that have passed.

    I love the garden memorial stone idea and shall certainly remember this for when our own trusty friend bids farewell.

    Thank you Laura.

    Best Wishes,

    – Rich

    • There are so many beautiful ways to remember that bond that you and your pet shared. Many options to choose from that fits you and your pets personality.

  4. Hi Laura, I really wasn’t aware that you could purchase garden stones, but it is such a special idea. We recently lost one of our sweet dogs, and I think it would be so nice to put one where she use to lie out back. Wonderful way to remember them. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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