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Biodegradable urns for water burial

Biodegradable Urns For Water Burial-Pet Urns

Did your dog love the water? Are you looking for biodegradable urns for water burial for your dog? Water burial urns are specifically designed for biodegradable placement in the water of your pets cremated remains. Depending on which urn you choose from weather conditions and the weight of your cremated remains, the length of time usually takes 5 minutes to 4 hours. When you place your urn, Federal and local regulations must be followed when placing an urn at sea (no closer...

biodegradable pet urn

Biodegradable Pet Urn

Biodegradable Pet Urns Are Earth-Friendly Biodegradable pet urns are becoming a very popular way to honor your dogs memory. Today people are becoming more Eco-Friendly with the on going concerns with the environment. These earth- friendly dog urns are all made with recycled and biodegradable materials from the earth. What Are Biodegradable Cremation Pet Urns Made Of Each of these biodegradable cremation pet urns are made with white recycled porcelain and paper. All materials are from the earth, each piece has materials such as wildflowers, grasses, pine needles, leaves and cultivated flowers....

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