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Dog Paw Print Pendant

Cremation Jewelry For Ashes-Your Beloved Pet Remembered

My dog always wanted to go everywhere with me, even if it was going for a ride to the gas station to put gas in my car. Your dog wants to be with you no matter where they were going, as long as they knew they would be right there with you. Your dog has always been very loyal to you and as your best friend, has been there through your good and bad times. Cremation jewelry for ashes still allows your dog to go everywhere...

cremation pendant tear drop

Blown Glass Cremation Pendants

Pet ashes in blown glass is a very beautiful and unique way to keep your pet close to your heart. These hand blown glass cremation pendants are made with borosilicate glass known for its high durability. A small portion of your pets cremains are incorporated into this blown glass cremation keepsakes. These round cremation glass jewelry pendants have a flat back that lays flat against your skin. The front of these pendants is rounded in a convex lens that magnifies the...

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