1. Roxanne

    What a beautiful website, with so many loving options to honor our pet family members ….. I wish I had been aware of these sweet options a few years ago when we lost our dear Shiloh. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive website full of excellent information.

  2. I never knew I could have gotten a pet headstone as a memorial for our little Schnauzer years back. This is a beautiful way to remember your pet. We have other critters now, and when that time comes again, I will be coming to your site, as I have bookmarked it. Thank you so much for such a great website!

  3. We’ve had a few dogs but at the moment we have two real characters and our family is at that stage when they are a big part of all our lives. I would definitely have something in my garden to remind me of them when they have passed on. That is if they’ve passed on before me.

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