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Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

pet memorial wind chimes

Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

These pet memorial wind chimes has a metal urn to hold your pets ashes. The urn is underneath the top part of the wind chime and out of sight. Pet Memorial Wind ChimesPlace these unique beautiful dog memorial wind chimes in your dogs favorite place to lay in the sun, under a favorite tree, helping you in the garden or just hanging out on the porch enjoying a nap. Our beloved pets have brought so much joy and happiness into our families. These unique pet memorial urns are a beautiful way to enjoy your pets memories.

Woodstock Chimes are precision tuned, high quality wind chimes created by Grammy Award winning musician Garry Kvistad. Woodstock Percussion products are designed in New York State and manufactured around the world. Woodstock chimes are both kinetic and musical, performing beautifully without the need of fossil fuels.  Woodstock has been creating chimes that are the choice of discerning customers for over 30 years.

Amazing Grace

This beautiful dog memorial wind chime can hang on your porch and enjoy the beautiful sound when it is captured by the wind. The notes of Amazing Grace. Pet Memorial Wind ChimesA touching tribute for your beloved pet. The urn is on the underside on the top house of the wind chime. The urn is made of cast metal for your pets ashes, a lock of hair or other keepsake memories.

The top of the wind chime that holds the pet urn is a cherry finish ash wood with 6 silver anodized aluminum tubes.

The overall length: 24 inches


Waterproof Compartment

This beautiful pet memorial urn wind chime has Pet Memorial Wind Chimescompartment that is waterproof. You can place this wind chime under your dogs favorite tree. The wind catcher is teak finish ash wood. The urn is brass plated cast metal, 5 bronze aluminum tubes.

The overall length: 36 inches


This beautiful wind chime can be placed in your garden or your dogs favorite spot to lay in the yard. pet memorial wind chimesThis pet memorial wind chime has a compartment with a weatherproof seal. Black finish wood, 5 silver anodized aluminum chime tubes, black-plated zinc urn, and silver aluminum feather

The overall length: 22 inches



I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope these beautiful wind chimes will help with you with loss of your beloved pet..

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  • Sarah Reply

    I like this idea, and hanging them in a tree that you plant at your pet’s gravesite too. I’ll remember this; our dog is getting along in years.

    April 27, 2015 at 10:23 pm
    • Laura Reply

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the feed back, there are many ways to remember your pet and this is one of my favorite.

      May 3, 2015 at 9:29 pm
  • Tina Reply

    What an interesting post on wind chimes for pets urns. I have never heard of them, and now I will never look at wind chimes the same way ever again. I’d bet these would be nice, thoughtful gifts for bereaved owners. Thanks for sharing.

    April 28, 2015 at 12:25 am
    • Laura Reply

      Hi Tina,
      Yes, this would be a great gift for someone who has lost a pet.

      May 3, 2015 at 9:31 pm

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