• Laura

      Hi Kit,

      A lot of people are not aware of how many options that are available to them. Just want to educate people to let them know there are options out there and you will find the right fit for you and your dogs special bond you shared.

  1. Laura,

    Wow! You’ve done a great job pointing out many options that I had NO idea were available to pet lovers.

    You are certainly right to point out that our pets have become cherished members of the family. It’s wonderful to know there are so many elegant choices to keep their memory alive.

    I really like the Tree Memorial. My wife and I own our own home, and as she’s a master gardener, having our beloved pet as a living tree will mean a lot to her, and I can enjoy watching the tree grow and prosper.

    I also liked the diamond. What a great way to be able to keep a bit of your love in a beautiful piece that will allow you to speak about your beloved departed pet.

    Thanks for all the wonderful options! Great suggestions and remarkable research on your part.


    • Laura

      Hi Roger,
      Our pets today are getting the respect that they finally deserve, they give it to us everyday unconditionally. With your pets ashes everyone in your family can choose a different option to remember their special bond with your dog.

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